Sunday, 21 July 2013

Another week - another labyrinth

Labyrinth Norwich Cathedral
What a wonderful surprise, and what could be more appropriate than to introduce GP son to the labyrinth on his graduation day! Here he is walking...(well 'galloping' might be a more accurate way of describing it) his way round.

It was his second graduation; we now have a "Ma" as well as a Mum in the family! Actor Jack Davenport - there to receive an honorary Doctorate of Letters and Chancellor and author Rose Tremain offered, I thought,  heartening advice to all those young men and women embarking aiming to make their career in the creative arts: not to be discouraged, to look to the long process and above all, cultivate the qualities of patience and empathy, ("If you don't learn to listen to people, you'll run out of stories to tell."). Qualities that could benefit all of us, wherever we are on our life's path, I reckon.  We're looking forward to seeing where DS's journey takes him.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, as Smudgie, another absentee blogger has reminded me. Not that I need reminding - today I've walked plodded wearily up and down the hill to church twice, once to the morning service, then  to a great summer concert, where we were serenaded, entertained and fed Pimms and strawberries. Who wants to linger at home in the sweltering heat, (the photo here was taken months ago; our lawn being a fetching shade of beige just now), when you can sit in a cool (ish) building, enjoy a repertoire ranging from Widor to Queen, Piaf to Telemann, MacColl to Vaughan Williams? Not me! I suspect I've lost pounds in sweat and as an added bonus can sit back in smug satisfaction in the knowledge that I've already clocked up four  30 minute exercise sessions in one day.

Last Saturday  saw me pottering round the labyrinth once more in the blistering heat ( even the grass felt crispy beneath my feet),   and experimenting ('experimenting' being particularly apt in my case) with watercolours at the BRF Festival of Prayer, whilst on the Sunday  all the GP 'children,' and daughter's bf home for a family photo. I'm longing to see the results; the photographer even managed to get GP dog to behave, a true miracle! 

Wind back one week further and we were in Winchester for a friend's priesting,  and associated celebration and jubilation. I have no stamina whatsoever, hence  crawled into her first communion the next morning  with a distinct hangover. Even so, what a wonderful time -   right from the first drink (Bucks Fizz in a Winchester shoe shop -nothing to do with the goings-ons at the Cathedral!) as I strolled  through the town in the glorious sunshine.Then  as a perfect finishing touch, my favourite Celidh band - 'Threepenny Bit,' were busking in the shopping centre. The ordinations weren't bad, either  - although as I was sitting much further back this time, I wasn't able to work out if the supporting clergy had cheered up since  last year.

Add to that several  train journeys and associated pottering around the length and breadth of the nearest city  for necessary meetings, combined with early morning dog-walking to avoid the heat and nobody can accuse me of lazing around during the heatwave! 

I'll be donning my posh frock for another Big Event during the week of which more later. It's a mad social whirl here , I tell you!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Words fail me...

Yup, it's the silly season all right. I come in from a meeting thinking noble spiritual thoughts, only to learn from  Kirsten M and Antonia that my chemical element classifies me as a noble, inert and odorless gas. What Mr GP will have to say about this I daren't think!

Then as  if that wasn't enough, my comments have been invaded by someone purporting to be a 'druid in training.' I have my doubts; she looks more like Little Miss Naughty to me. Come back Archdruid Eileen, all is forgiven.

You know, I could be such a super-spiritual being if it wasn't for other people!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Changes, Changes

It must be the effect of all this sunshine.  I absent myself from blogland for a couple of weeks and when I get back, what do I find? The revered Archdruid Eileen has ********  /hopped off on sabbatical, that's what. It's not good enough!  And as if that wasn't enough  The Love that moves the sun is busy tinkering around with alternative blog titles. What is this;  the silly season?