Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hazards of an over-fertile Imagination

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Is it just me whose imagination goes walkabout at the most inconvenient times? Like the Ascension Day service, for instance, as we were busy All Hail (ing) the Power of Jesus' Name, Let Angels prostrate fall...I'd visions of said angelic beings toppling over like a line of dominos.  It could have been worse, I suppose.

Does anybody else suffer from an over-active imagination?

Monday, 11 May 2015


It's all over sunflowers on the A-Z Challenge Blog. If I thought that I was due a breather after all my hard work - I was wrong. We've been told to look out for the launch, later this week of the A-Z Road Trip. Cue ancient picture of Mr GP charging round the wilds of Wales. Shall I? Shan't I? That is the question. 

To other matters: Either my feed is being attacked by gremlins, or relatively few folk on my listings have been blogging these last few days. Maybe (for those in the UK at least), we're all suffering from Post Election fatigue.  It's been an 'interesting,'   and I use the word advisedly,   time.  If  the various feedback, discussions and analysis is to be believed, I am not a little apprehensive about what the next few years will hold, especially for  those who are already struggling: the elderly, sick, disabled, unfortunate....maybe it's my Franciscan streak coming out here - the need to stand up for the underdog. 

We'll see...

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A-Z Challenge Reflections

So, Spring has Sprung, the grass is 'riz, especially in my part of the UK where the traditional April showers have decided to wait until May. The A-Z, my first one, is finished. What can I say? I did it! What did I learn? That organisation and inspiration can co-exist happily together. That's quite a lesson for this INFP serial procrastinator. Knowing that I was off on holiday on the very last day of the challenge forced me to be organised and use the pre-schedule feature (all my posts were written the evening before). I surprised myself at how disciplined I was about keeping to plan, even if some of my blogs were written very late indeed!

Serendipity played a large part in my challenge. I'd started with no particular theme in mind. Maybe using one might have resulted in better quality of writing, however, this being my first attempt, I thought it best to keep to a simple pot-pourri. It worked beautifully and I'd great fun linking a piece of music to the topic. OK, some were a teensy bit far-fetched, certainly but it made blogging far more fun.

Could do better.... Next time round I'll need to try and engage more with other A-Z ers. I visited some lovely blogs and have met some great bloggers but I found it quite exhausting on top of writing my own. More organisation needed on my part, I think. Thanks, though, to everyone who commented or joined the site, especially Betty who posted words of encouragement nearly every day. Thank you again, you kept me going!

I said at the beginning that I hoped that taking part in the challenge would help me rediscover  my blogging mojo. Whilst it's not quite back on full force, it's certainly on its way.